Babouche are traditional Moroccan leather slippers. The name is said to derive from the Persian word for “covering the foot”. In Morocco these slippers are called “bolgha” and are used as outdoor footwear, while in Japan they are mainly popular for indoor use.



Babouche are made of goatskin, sheepskin, cowhide or camel hide. After the leather is tanned in a traditional manner that is said to date back to the 14th century, it is traded on the souq (market). At Fatima Morocco we are particular about the use of soft and smooth high-quality sheepskin with a fine-pored surface. The leather is cut after colouring, and the instep is decorated with a pattern. After embroidery and sequins are applied by a Moroccan woman, the size is adjusted through repeated sewing and cutting.


Meanwhile, the leather is softened with water and soft insoles are inserted to finish a pair of babouche, a mind-boggling process in which many craftsmen are involved. The soft feeling around the feet brings the ultimate bliss, however, the shape, comfort and lifespan largely depends on the skill of the craftsmen.

The babouche of Fatima Morocco are 100% produced in-house. We work directly with the craftsmen with whom we fostered a trusting relationship through close communication over many years and by establishing local workshops. Enjoy the high quality standard realized by the love and responsibly of the craftsman for their work.

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